Saturday, July 6, 2013 education is like being a shark. if you don't keep moving. you die.

well not literally die. but yjou really can't keep up in this market without constantly trying to learn and improve upon techniques. offer different products and services. things of that nature.
i've recently had the honor of learning some new editing tips and tricks from Jessica Porter {a very talented photo retoucher who has worked with everyone you can think of, including Victoria's Secret..ya she knows what she's doing} haha
i wanted to just take a second to show you the growth i've accomplished in the past 4 years. the first picture i'm posting is one of the first paying senior clients {who happened to be my husband's cousin haha} and they were so sweet to me, and so encouraging. and yes, i thought this photo was great. now i cringe, but i thought it was awesome then. in fact most of all of ty's family come to me for photos.
and the second image is a recent shot. a professional camera. and i've learned so so so so much in 4 years, i cannot WAIT to see what i learn in the next 4 and the next 4 and the next... well you get the idea.
so i'll leave you with this. we all start somewhere. be nice.



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