Tuesday, December 3, 2013

facebook and my garbled images. sigh.

so, facebook is pretty notorious for ruining photos.
well not "ruining" per say. i guess i just haven't figured out the magical formula for
posting my images to keep their beautiful color and clarity.
and honestly i don't have time to figure out whatever they change from time to time to
keep posting pretty images.
i decided to do a quick blog post and share some of my recent images, so you can all get a better idea of
what we're up to over here!
i'll be spending time updating the website over the next few weeks when things calm down
with my kiddo and his health. at least we're hoping things calm down.
big loves.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

...photography education is like being a shark. if you don't keep moving. you die.

well not literally die. but yjou really can't keep up in this market without constantly trying to learn and improve upon techniques. offer different products and services. things of that nature.
i've recently had the honor of learning some new editing tips and tricks from Jessica Porter {a very talented photo retoucher who has worked with everyone you can think of, including Victoria's Secret..ya she knows what she's doing} haha
i wanted to just take a second to show you the growth i've accomplished in the past 4 years. the first picture i'm posting is one of the first paying senior clients {who happened to be my husband's cousin haha} and they were so sweet to me, and so encouraging. and yes, i thought this photo was great. now i cringe, but i thought it was awesome then. in fact most of all of ty's family come to me for photos.
and the second image is a recent shot. a professional camera. and i've learned so so so so much in 4 years, i cannot WAIT to see what i learn in the next 4 and the next 4 and the next... well you get the idea.
so i'll leave you with this. we all start somewhere. be nice.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


So here's what's going on. I've already booked a senior for NEXT summer. That is mind blowing to me.
Actually, every single email/phone call/text I get inquiring about pricing/available dates...that's all mind blowing to me.
7 years ago, I started taking pictures for friends for free with a Sony Cybershot. Seriously.
My very first paying customer has actually put her love and faith in me enough that she's come back all these years later and I'm shooting her wedding {with a nicer camera hehe} in August.
It's incredible to watch MY work grow and change along with my returning clients as they grow and change.
At the start this busy season all of these inquiries and bookings had me completely overwhelmed. Like panic attack, "I cannot do this, I quit!" Overwhelmed.
I am not a person that has an abundance of confidence. My self esteem could definitely be higher. BUT with these amazing clients... how could you not feel proud?
Proud to meet so many new people, gain amazing friendships and relationships. Having clients tell their friends and of course clients coming back time after time. It's amazing. Incredible. Mind blowing.
I finally got a gallery of images sent off to the super talented Jennifer Rashkin with SocialPop Media, Inked Up Mommies and Rock Candy Riot. Basically a rockstar of the PR world. So the website is FINALLY on it's way.
I'm in the process of putting together welcome packets for brides, seniors and various other materials to keep you all happy and informed when booking with us.
SO. I NEED to get back to editing but I do want to share this amazing giveaway that I was a part of with you. This is the second one I've been lucky enough to be called out for and I hope they choose me again in the future. Check out  Natural Beauty Giveaway!
So I'll leave you with a few recent images, and get back to my {sure to be late} editing night! xoxo M




Tuesday, May 7, 2013

just a little update..

Just wanted to share a quick view of what I'm working on. I love to post these to FaceBook, however the compression that they apply to images makes them look like garbled crap. So. Here ya go! xoxo M

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring was here, but then left....

SO. Back to neglecting the blog. hahahaha
I'm in the midst of busy season picking up. Loving every second of it. Working on branding with a fabulous PR girlie named Jennifer Rashkin. She's been an amazing support and inspiration and is keeping me from being a wuss about putting a website together and really putting myself out there more.
So, I'm going to try and make it a habit to keep updating the blog at least until the site is done. At which time I plan to have a blog there, whether it's just this one linked to it or something new all together. SO. I'll leave you today with some stuff I've been working on. See you all tomorrow~!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Let the Changes BEGIN!

I'm super excited for spring.
Warm air, picnics with my kiddos. Long walks with my camera.
Oh and the loads of sessions I've got booked already.
SUPER stoked.
ALSO, a new website is coming and it's fabulous.
I've got new branding in the works.
Total overhaul for Rock & Royalty.
I'm also going to have an assistant a couple days a week to keep things
running smoothly.
I'm a one person business right now, so everything is up to me.
Which means this entire time I was sick, in the hospital, had sick kids.... that all effects
my workflow.
I'm directly responsible for everything that takes place with this business {good or bad.}
I'm working to have a lot quicker turn around time, and coming up with more specials
for you guys!
In the mean time, thank you for your continued love and support.


Friday, February 1, 2013

...marketing and branding and logos.. oh my!

...part of the plan for 2013 is to re-vamp my branding.
i'm off to a great start with the help of Jen Rashkin {the creator of Inked Up Mommies & Rock Candy Riot.}
she recently emailed me a preview of the website she's putting together for me and i couldn't be more excited. my new logo is amazing too.
it's like she climbed in my brain and put it on the computer screen.
so SO very excited.
i've also got 6 weddings booked for 2013 so far and a slue of inquiries for 2014.
my style of photography generally lends itself to lifestyle/portraiture and a majority of my clients
are children and families. i'm more than happy to be breaking into the wedding field a bit more,
it's an exciting new venture and i'm SO happy that people are putting their love, trust and faith in
me to capture their most sacred and special moments!
so if you're a follower of the facebook page and the blog, over the next few months you'll notice lots of changes.
as well as the debut of my newest "baby" the Rock & Royalty website.
i'd love your feedback on what you like, don't like... want to see more of! all of that.
keep your eyes open, big things are coming soon!